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Welcome to Revoledu! My warm greeting to you all who find this site and I wish Revoledu would be a very useful site for you.

More than a decade ago, without internet technology, our main resources for education were books, library, school and university. Internet has changed our education system almost overnight. It has become the huge main resources to gain our knowledge and shifting the role of educators from knowledge sole distributor to the role of facilitator and motivator. Students may know better than the teachers simply because they have access to the internet and they can do self learning. Several years ago, before Revoledu was formed, several junior high school students in Taiwan and India had contacted me as they appreciate what they learned from my personal web site what I have taught for undergraduate and graduate level courses. That was the first motivators to open Revoledu.

It is true that good resources and tutorial in the internet may help to accelerate us to gain more knowledge and understanding. The problem is to find good sites that contain good resources for us to learn. The internet simply has so many resources that searching really good resources in it will take so much time. We need a good site that provides tutorials, forum discussion and good resources, especially for basic knowledge in college to graduate courses. Facing this demand, Revoledu came out.

In this site you may find many good and excellent resources, tutorials, online interactive calculators, and teaching materials. You do not even need to be a member to gain the knowledge from Revoledu. As a user, all you need to do is to explore, learn from these excellent materials and honor the copy right of the authors. You may learn and refer to the materials but shall not assert them as your work. Remember these authors have been kind enough to share their knowledge with you.

You may also contribute your knowledge in this site as author or reviewer or translator. If you have some knowledge to share, write your own tutorial and send it to us. You may gain some fame and publicity. If your tutorials or articles are selected, you may be contacted and gain some earning through this publication.

Revoledu intends to disseminate knowledge, help teacher to face the new challenge, help people from baby to mature people to learn by themselves. The internet, however, does not yet able to support us to do real socialization or to gain self motivation. It is the new challenge for human education system, especially for parent and educators, to change the direction of our education system. We can no longer avail our school system of giving knowledge. Knowledge dissemination may be the tasks of an excellent internet site like Revoledu. School and university need to change to face this challenge. You may face this challenge by encouraging your friends, children and colleague to visit this site and learn from it. If you have some knowledge to share, it is the right place to contribute and get some little fame. If you want to participate more, we have many areas where you can be active. If you want to gain some experience and willing to participate, we may help us as Editor, Reviewer, Evaluator, Translator, Forum discussion moderator, Motivator, Tutorial writer or simply giving feedback and ideas to improve this site. Make Revoledu as your favorite site, and tell others about it.

With little guidance and good resources, we may create a better educated world.

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